Spyglass Takes Off with In-Flight Entertainment System

Spyglass Inc. Monday inked a software
licensing and professional services agreement with Rockwell Collins Inc. to help bring
airline passengers in-flight entertainment systems.

Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Rockwell Collins (ROK), a worldwide leader in electronic controls and communications, licensed Spyglass’ (SPYG)
Device Mosaic, Spyglass ThinGUI Library and Spyglass MicroServer, for use
with their Total Entertainment System (TES), a digital entertainment system
built on an interactive platform.

The Spyglass Device Mosaic Web browser is the enabling engine for the
re-designed TES passenger entertainment system, which is now capable of
running HTML applications. The TES displays can be installed on the backs
of airline seats or mounted on armrests for easy access. Passengers have
hand-held remote control units that allow them to navigate across a wide
range of applications, including audio/video-on-demand.

“At Spyglass, we leverage both our technologies and professional services
to enable devices to support HTML-based content and applications,” said
Anup Murarka, Spyglass vice president of interactive television services.
“With Rockwell we created a versatile platform from which a diverse range
of interactive applications can run. Third-party software developers will
benefit from the chance to create diverse applications specifically geared
toward a new interactive audience — airline passengers.”

Spyglass provides Internet consulting, software
and professional services for content providers, service operators
and device manufacturers.

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