StampMaster Gains Postal Approval

said today that it won
U.S. Postal Service approval of its beta service for postage delivery via
the Internet.

StampMaster’s Internet Postage service is an e-commerce system that
delivers stamps
and metered electronic postage on envelopes, labels or business
documents using laser or inkjet printers. Additional hardware is not

“Electronic access to postage is a key element in meeting our customers’
requirements in the rapidly changing technology age,”
said Postmaster General William J. Henderson. “This leading technology is a
logical evolution of the services we have provided
to the Nation for more than 200 years and will further enable us to bring
convenient, secure access to postage directly to the
customer,” he added.

“Small businesses, home offices, and consumers in general can benefit from
Internet Postage; the market potential for the
technology is very broad,” said Raymond Boggs, who directs Small Business
and Home Office research at International Data
Corporation, a market research firm in Framingham, MA. “By aiming at
‘Internet intensive’ prospects, StampMaster is looking
to hit the heart of the potential market.”

Another Internet postage company, E-Stamp won USPS approval in March. That
system however, requires additional hardware.

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