Star TV Offers First Pan-Asian Video News Stream On Web

Following the trend toward convergence of
Internet and television media, Rupert Murdoch’s Star TV is offering its pan-Asian English
news program from its Web site through audio and video streaming.

“We believe that this section of the market is growing as more and more people
have sound cards and speakers,” said Patricia Stevenson, marketing manager for
Star TV.

Viewers can download news program, called AsiaNews Sunday, from the
network’s Web site. The site will also feature an archive of interviews,
preview clips, and program promotions.

“People talk about the convergence of TV and the Net and Star TV is in an ideal
position as a the biggest TV network in Asia,” continued Stevenson.

Star TV’s potential for further developing the online video and audio streaming
service is large with the satellite network having channels in Chinese,
Japanese and Indian markets.

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