Sun To Set Up Java Development Center In India

The US$9.8-billion Sun Microsystems is to shortlist three cities in India to
put up its first Java engineering center in the country.

Sun is a global leader in enterprise network computing, technical
network computing and workstations, and the origin of the worldwide
Java technology paradigm.

Sun already has competency centers for Java in Hyderabad and Calcutta set up
along with other organizations.

Bangalore, Chennai and Hyderabad are the three cities shortlisted. Teams from
Sun, a combination of Sun employees from India, Singapore and the US, have
visited the three cities in order to evaluate the pros and cons of each.

The center would be a subset of the engineering center in the US. The scale of
investments are still being worked out following a detailed evaluation.

Seeking to consolidate its position in the Indian market, Sun will try
to increase its market share in the server (high end computing machines)

Sun’s focus on the server market has increased manifold during
the last twelve months, a result of the change in its revenue profile
in India during the same period.

For the first time, revenues from
servers have grossed more than 50 per cent of its total turnover.
Sun sees servers contributing increasingly to its revenue in the future
compared to workstations (computers used in designing and drawing),
which account for the remainder of the revenue from hardware.

Increasing server sales in Sun’s revenue reflect the adoption of large
enterprise applications by corporations and institutions in India,
a trend that Sun expects will continue.

“If a server is down the
company will not be able to carry on with its business. Most
importantly, they cannot log onto the Internet and will not have access to the
world wide web.” said Anand
Halbe, general manager, Sun Microsystems. “In other words, more and more
companies are running mission critical applications on their systems.”

Following the establishment of its subsidiary in India earlier last
year, Sun has set up a satellite solution center to service its
customers and has also centralized its services.

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