Survey: Execs to Favor Net News Over Print

Corporate executives say that electronic delivery will be their preferred source of news in the new millennium rather than newspapers, according to a new poll.

A whopping 91% of those polled predict that the Internet will be their main source of news by 2005, followed by 80% who will get news via
corporate intranets, and 74% through e-mail. Only 50% expect newspapers to
be a crucial source of business news.

The executives were also asked about their current technology habits.
Internet usage accounted for 87%, and of those online, 98% use it in
evangelizing their companies, while 81% use it in communications with
other companies. Over two-thirds (69%) of surveyed executives are on the
Net selling products and services.

The findings are based on answers 409-randomly sampled senior executives
gave to the “Millennium Survey,” a Deloitte & Touche sponsored poll conducted by Yankelovich Partners.

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