Swedish Post Extend Support for E-Commerce

The Swedish Post is now offering support services to e-commerce storefronts, allowing users to track shipments from the seller’s Web site.

The new feature is called “dynamic online service” (DOT), and the supplier is Posten Logistics. Through the new service, any e-commerce company can very easy download from the Swedish Post the software free of cost and implement into a shopping site.

The DOT software is XML-based and can be customized to the individual design of the site, with teh goal of making the external tracker appear as a natural part of the site.

“So far the focus for e-trade have been on orders and payments. Many e-commerce companies have not thought so much about prompt delivering of the goods. These suppliers can, with our new e-based service, build an logistic support into the actual shopping site, ” said Janerik Johansson, Marketing Manager for Swedish Post Logistics.

The consumer can also make several delivery specifications at the time of the online purchase.
The new service comes at a time when Swedish e-commerce companies have been fast to market for reaching large market shares, but often they are criticized of bad and late deliveries.

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