Telebyte’s New LAN-to-Internet Software Is Windows 98 Compatible

Telebyte Technology introduced Office WEB for Microsoft Networks, a cost-effective LAN-to-Internet solution with full Windows 98 compatibility.

It enables high-speed access to the Internet via ISDN, dial-up modem or dedicated line, and requires TCP/IP only on the Office WEB server.

“Traditionally, LAN-to-Internet connectivity products require leased lines, IP routers and complex changes in the LAN’s configuration,” said Telebyte in a statement. “Office WEB makes life much easier for users who employ Microsoft operating systems and who particularly want Windows 98 compatibility.”

With Office WEB for Microsoft Networks, the user needs to make no
changes to the file server, nor is it necessary to install TCP/IP on PC
workstations or on an IP router. In other words, users can retain their existing network configuration and get connected to the Internet with just a single IP address.

Potential users may try a fully functional version of Office WEB for Microsoft Networks for 30 days, free. The price for an unlimited license is $345.

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