Telstra Opens Video-On-Demand Down Under

Telstra has introduced a video-on-demand trial on
its broadband Internet service, Big Pond Advance.

The Australian service, called BIGtraining, is
available exclusively to Telstra Big Pond Advance subscribers during the three-month trial.

BIGtraining offers interactive lessons on the use of common computer software
applications, like Microsoft Word or Excel. Users can conduct individual
content searches, browse or play full-motion video and audio over the
broadband network.

“BIGtraining uses technology which can be best likened to having control of
your own personal interactive video player — right there on your desktop,” said John Rolland, director of Telstra Online Services, Convergent Business.

“This product has tremendous potential. As we better understand the
technology and are able to fully integrate it into our Big Pond Advance
service, we will see a lot more of this type of compelling content become

Broadband Internet Group (B.I.G.) spokesman Mark Thorn said Telstra Big
Pond Advance has the bandwidth and speed necessary to enable full-motion
video-on-demand applications, like BIGtraining.

“Users will be able to stream the video over the Internet to their PC
desktop, accessing the BIGtraining content almost instantaneously,” Thorn

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