[Burnaby, CANADA] – TELUS has acquired Calgary-based CAG-TAMS Inc., a bill integration firm. Clients with multiple locations and various long distance, cellular, local and data service suppliers receive a single, detailed statement for all telecommunication charges, and the software provides cost analysis, inventory management and the capability to link to the customer’s accounting system to allocate costs.

The operations of Electronic Billing Solutions Ltd. (EBS), an affiliated company of CAG-TAMS Inc., are included in the acquisition. EBS offers bureau services to customers wishing to outsource this invoice management capability.

While acquiring the assets and intellectual property of CAG-TAMS, Inc. and EBS, TELUS has retained the staff and management team. It is establishing a presence in Toronto to complement existing offices in Calgary and Edmonton. Last year TELUS initiated a marketing agreement with Cag Communications to use CAG-TAMS (Telecom Accounts Management Software).

Ian Mansfield, TELUS executive vice-president and president of TELUS Communications Inc. said that there is a great fit for CAG-TAMS within TELUS’ e-commerce and electronic billing initiatives.

TELUS is working with the CAG-TAMS team on a new release of a Web-enabled version of the software.

Through an alliance with U.S.-based GTE, TELUS plans to use CAG-TAMS to pursue international opportunities as an Application Service Provider(ASP) of electronic bill management solutions.

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