Tidemark Forms Unit for the E-government Market

Seattle-based Tidemark Computer Systems, which just secured $11.5 million in Round B funding, has launched a new business unit to push forward its commitment to Web-enabling state and local jurisdictions. The new unit, called Hosted Services Business Unit, will be headed by Kevin Gorman who recently joined the company.

According to Gorman some of his immediate goals as president of the new unit are to create strategic partnerships with other providers, rapid deployment of the company’s hosted services, and assisting our governments in their efforts to deliver better, faster services to the public through continued advancements in the technology of Tidemark’s solutions offering.

Tidemark delivers a workflow engine that each jurisdiction can tailor to their own environment. Each jurisdiction has an automated solution to services provided and the public has easier access and much faster response to their needs. In addition the company will offer the government sector integration with GIS which will allow graphical depiction of information, as well as wireless accessibility with pcs or palm pilot devices.

Gorman believes that the G2C (government-to-consumer)and G2B (government-to-business)markets are, from an electronic perspective, just beginning. “The opportunities are significant as the private sector has a huge head start in embracing technology while the government sector has not,” says Gorman.

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