Trade Impact Ships and Clicks has learned that Trade Impact, a logistics facilitator, launched yesterday its array of online shipping services through its website,

The XML-based application gives Trade Impact’s online customers instant, highly competitive quotes for international container freight and small package shipping.

Trade Impact CEO Roger Skistimas told, in an exclusive interview this morning, that the XML-based application also fits into the company’s plans for going wireless.

One of the site’s key features is the Quote Generator, which provides one inclusive port-to-port quote that covers freight, insurance, and customs brokerage.

“By utilizing our online rating and booking system, companies save time and money. Coupled with our dedication to service, it’s a real win-win for the customer,” says Skistimas.

Booking is also completed online, with all information instantly forwarded to a Trade Impact logistics partner. In addition, necessary pre-alerts, ETAs, and customs brokerage updates are provided to the customer throughout the course of the shipment.

According to Skistimas, who comes from a background in the export and software industries, Trade Impact’s services are designed to serve small and medium sized importers with a focus on the Pacific Rim. “Our next step will be to move into Europe,” says Skistimas.

Trade Impact is also currently working on plans to introduce an application that will cater to the export arena.

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