UK Government Launches Bug-Tracking Site

The UK government has launched the
Millennium Centre,
a Web site that will provide current information on the status
of Millennium Bug problems in the UK and overseas.

A round-the-clock information and media centre is being established
in the Cabinet Office to keep government ministers, the
media and public informed about bug problems and how they
are being handled. Other centres will provide a similar
service in Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales and the
Government Offices for the Regions.

The Government’s site at is the
latest move in the battle to overcome the Millennium Bug,
which has already appeared in the last few days in some credit
card payment machines. Many more problems are anticipated, and
the site will carry essential information about them.

Another potential problem is the likelihood of scare stories
circulating which have no basis in reality. The Government believes
the new site will help people distinguish fact from fiction.

“Over the coming weeks, news concerning suspected Bug-related
issues and the Millennial celebrations will be circulating on
the Internet and in the traditional media — should we need to
counter any of these stories, we will be doing so here,” said
a Government spokesman.

Several major companies including Volkswagen and Vauxhall
in the UK are planning to shut down their email systems
because of the suspected viruses that are likely to
appear on January 1. The Millennium Centre will carry details
of any major virus outbreaks.

Initial bulletins are expected to be posted to the site at around noon on December 31.

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