UK Sports Sites Are Among Most Popular On the Net

According to Web21’s 100hot, a resource that lists the most
popular Web sites in dozens of categories, several sites focused on UK
sports now occupy the Top Ten in the sports section.

In the joint number two position are Soccernet and CricInfo, with CarlingNet at number three and Sporting Life at number five. All the other sites in the Top Ten are aimed primarily at the US market.

Still in the number one spot in the sports section are ESPN Sportszone,, and Another American favourite, Ice hockey–in
the form of the National Hockey League–comes down at number seven.

Clearly, the UK’s soccer and cricket sites are helped by having a wide
readership worldwide–a readership that is expected to grow as the use
of Internet expands among other nations that also enjoy these sports.

Web21 uses Internet activity data gathered from multiple sources in
order to rank the sites according to their popularity. The company also
offers 100hot InSite research services to organisations that need to
check the popularity of their own sites ranked against those of their

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