“Unbreakable” Virtual Matrix Encryption Goes On Sale

Meganet announced it is now selling a
range of products based on its Virtual Matrix Encryption (VME) software
which the vendor claims is unbreakable.

Called VME 98, the product range is available in six levels of front-end
applications (Standard, Professional, Enterprise, Custom Client, Custom
Server, and Batch Server editions), and in three flavors: DOS, Win 16 (3.x)
and Win 32 (95 and NT). There are also three Software Developer Kits–an
8bit DOS Engine, and both 16bit and 32bit Windows DLLs.

In a statement the vendor says: “The possibilities are endless with the
array of VME 98 products. Now any application including but not limited to
commerce, Government communications, banking transactions, corporate
secrets and personal computer data can be guaranteed complete

Earlier this year, the vendor offered $1 million to anyone who could break a
VME encrypted file. Fifty-five thousand people tried without success. Says
the vendor: “All the great computer minds in this country have had an
opportunity to dispel the bold claims of unbreakable encryption, yet none

Prices for VME 98 range from $100.00 for a single retail license to over $1
million for the most sophisticated VME 98 Batch Server Edition.

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