United Daily News to Launch Money, Recruitment Sites

The United Daily News Group,
Taiwan’s largest Chinese-language publishing group,
today spun off its 24-hour Internet news service, udnnews.com, into an
independent company, udn.com.

udn.com, which has an initial capitalization of NT$150
(US$4.9 million), is set to launch a financial news
service, udnmoney.com, and a
human resources Web site, udnjob.com, before the
end of this month.

udnjob.com, which aims to serve Chinese people around
the world, will be entering a market currently
dominated by 104 Job
, a Taipei-based Web site that has attracted
almost 19 million page views since its inception at
the beginning of 1998.

United Daily News Group managers say they anticipate
that the financial news site and the jobs site will
also become independent companies in due course.

udnnews.com was launched in September 1999, and is
now one of the world’s 100 most popular sites,
according to 100hot.com. Page views average 1.2
million each day.

The United Daily News Group is also the parent company
of China Economic
News Service
, a long-established provider of
English language business news.

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