Users Can Surf, Search With New Surf Express Deluxe

Connectix Corporation announced Surf Express Deluxe, a product that combines Web acceleration with a meta-search tool named SuperSonic Search.

The vendor said it is the first to market Internet performance software that enhances both the speed of surfing and the accuracy of searching.

“Every modem user on the Internet needs more performance and Surf Express Deluxe delivers the speed where users need it most–for web surfing and searching,” said Taran Reese, product manager at Connectix. “Surf Express Deluxe is Internet performance technology that works automatically so users can browse much faster and much smarter.”

Surf Express uses its FASTore caching engine to accelerate Web browsing. It
removes browser cache files from the user’s hard drive and replaces them with
a single caching engine. Unlike many “pre-fetching” Web accelerators, it
eliminates redundant cache files, in an effort to ensure efficient performance.

In the new Surf Express Deluxe edition, the SuperSonic Search meta-search
tool cross-references searches across multiple engines such as Yahoo!,
AltaVista, HotBot, Excite and InfoSeek. Connectix said it also removes duplicates and dead links, and allows contextual searches.

Surf Express Deluxe for Windows 98, 95, NT 4, and Macintosh costs $49,
and is scheduled for availability in late July.

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