Valu-net, IPC Ink Cyberstore Agreement

Valu-net International, a division of Valu-net Corp., struck a deal with IPC Personal Computers, a division of 3D Microcomputers Wholesale and Distribution.

The partners will create an online computer and accessories store featuring
IPC Personal Computers and brand name accessories. Canadian consumers will
have direct access to IPC’s complete catalog of pricing and availability
information while being able to order products directly over a secure
Web-based interface.

Valu-net will collaborate with IPC to design and implement an online sales
platform for e-commerce. Valu-net will assist IPC in developing online
marketing, sales, and technical support.

Beginning in late August, IPC customers will have direct access to the online sales platform through IPC’s home page, the firm said.

>From the site, customers can inquire about the variety of feature sets and system packages available. The site will feature a complete listing of IPC products, including systems, upgrades, components, monitors, printers and software.

“By going directly to the consumer online, we are able to expand our marketplace to cover the entire nation and provide our customers with the best systems at the lowest possible prices,” Basat Khalifa, national marketing manager of 3D Microcomputers.

Valu-net operates the largest Internet gateway site in Canada, reaching more than 900,000 consumers through

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