Virtual Investment Community To Launch In Asia

Hong Kong-based Investinet Ltd. will formerly launch an Asian investment community Web site called in March of next year.

Through, Investinet intends to offer group discussion, networking, and content environment on Asian financial markets to investors and financial professionals.

“We have built the site around two core concepts, community and connectivity” said Timothy Shannon, Investinet’s president and chief operating officer. “We are providing the means for investors to come together in online investment circles with professionals as third party moderators who can ad value to the discussion.”

“It allows investors to call upon an aggregate investment experience,” continued Shannon. “We are taking those conversations that happen in dealing rooms, fund management floors, bars and pubs and other meeting places in Asia and putting them online.”

The site’s services will be offered via eight different Web based interfaces called Webcenters that are designed to be usable by customers of any level of Web familiarity.

To access, investors do not need a subscription. Investinet expects to gain revenue through advertising, sponsorship and the sale of investment related content.

According to Shannon, the site will gain most of its revenue from institutional sponsors and content sales transactions. Investinet projects earning only five percent of the site’s revenue from the sale of banner advertising.

“The ability to access different types of content and service from our own proprietary content or from third parties. We are in essence selling content into that environment,” commented Shannon. “We feel that there is huge demand for investment related content and services in Asia.”

Third party financial institutions can participate in the online investment circles and other services by sponsorship.

Shannon states that’s ability to offer a “virtual community for investors” is unprecedented in both Asia and the United States.

Investinet Ltd. is incorporated in the British Virgin Islands with an authorized capital of US$10 million and owns two registered Hong Kong companies, Analyst Online Ltd. and Asiatrade Ltd.

Analyst Online is an online provider of investment related research content for investors and institutions.

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