Web-based Hiring Solution Receives Industry Accolades

[Quebec City, QUEBEC] Cost-effective hiring, once a tangled web of resumes, interviews and
oft-agonizing decision making, has been turned into an untangled, cost-effective Web-based process,
thanks to Recruitsoft.

Recruitsoft, which manufactures Web-based hiring management software for large corporations, has been
ranked lead player in the software hiring industry by HR.com., a human resources information Web site.

Recruitsoft is an application service provider (ASP) which provides clients with hiring management
software that is housed on its server. This enables corporations to utilize hiring software utilities available
for a fraction of the cost and time it would take if they were to implement and manage the software

Recruitsoft’s hiring management software integrates requisition management, candidate sourcing, skills
assessment, pre-screening, automated background checking and other aspects of the hiring process.

A report in USA Today last October noted 79 percent of Global 500 companies use their Web sites to
recruit potential employees. One company interviewed by The Boston Globe that same month claimed it
had reduced hiring fees from US $1 million paid to recruiting agencies, to US $73,000 by using
Recruitsoft’s hiring software solution.

The company’s impressive client roster continues to grow and includes Hewlett-Packard, Dow Chemical,
MetLife, Hasbro, Deloitte & Touche, Bombardier Aerospace and Transportation, Cabletron Systems,
and Sutter Health.

Last month, Bank of Montreal and Harris Bank, Chicago chose Recruitsoft to power, integrate and
automate the corporate recruiting process throughout their North American operations.

Last November, Recruitsoft’s direct marketing program, created by Bos Advertising and Continuum
Relationship Marketing, was the recipient of the Association of Promotion Marketing Agencies (APMA)
Worldwide Globes 2000 award in the best business-to-business category. The APMA Worldwide
Awards – The Globes – is a worldwide program recognizing distinguished achievement in the promotions

Recruitsoft is funded in part by Telesystem Software Ventures LP (Telsoft), a venture capital arm of
Telesystem Ltd., a Red Herring Top 100 company; and by Omnicom, a provider of marketing
communications and advertising services, through its Internet investment arm, Communicade.

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