WebPosition Gold Will Ship at End of August

FirstPlace Software is scheduled to ship its much-heralded Web site promotion software, WebPosition Gold, on August 30 for Windows 95, 98 and NT.

The new product has what the firm calls an “artificial intelligence
expert system” that backwardly engineers each search engine’s ranking
algorithm. This means it can generate Web pages that are listed at the top of a
search engine rankings.

“The major search engines had to know this was coming,” said Brent Winters, president of FirstPlace Software. “Mathematically speaking, any search engine’s algorithm can be detected if you can process enough data resulting from it. Someone was going to crack their codes sooner or later. The search
engines should be glad that it was us. Our software is designed to discourage
all inappropriate promotional techniques.”

WebPosition Gold is designed to not only generate pages optimized for search engine rankings, but it also submits Web pages to the major search engines, reports the rankings of pages by keyword or phrase, and measures site traffic from these top ranked pages, the company said.

Because few users scroll down past the first 10 to 30 matches returned by a
search engine, sites that come lower down the rankings gain very little traffic from
their listings. WebPosition Gold is designed to crack this problem, making it
easy for content providers to move their sites into the top spots.

WebPosition Gold standard edition with support for a limited number of sites
will cost $149. A professional edition supporting unlimited Web sites will be
priced at $249.

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