WebSniffer is Early Warning System for Webmasters

Network Associates announced
WebSniffer, a product that integrates network protocol and system resource
information to provide an early-warning system for preventing web site

When performance falls off, WebSniffer knows–and tells.

Raphael Reich, product marketing manager at Network Associates’ Total
Network Visibility division, said: “When a customer can’t connect to your
Web site, they are left with a negative impression. WebSniffer acts as an
warning system, allowing Webmasters to identify, understand and solve
problems that can impact Web service quality, protecting the company’s Web
site investment.”

“With WebSniffer, webmasters spend less time finding and solving Web site
performance problems, and have increased visibility into the root causes,”
continued Reich.

The components of WebSniffer include: Agents that gather network protocol
and server statistics; a Repository that acts as the central database,
and analyzing statistics from up to ten Agents; and the WebSniffer Information
Center that displays all the relevant information in browser-based Java
interface, including recommendations for solving the problems.

WebSniffer will ship in the first quarter of 1998, the first release
running on
Solaris 2.5.x and 2.6.x, with a later release for Windows NT. Pricing
starts at
$1,000 per server and drops to $500 per server depending on how many
servers need to be managed.

Note: The vendor, Network Associates, was formed by the merger of McAfee
Associates and Network General.

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