White Pine Ships Linux Conferencing Server

White Pine Software is shipping a new version of the
MeetingPoint conference server with support for Red Hat Linux version 6.1.

Version 4.0.2 of MeetingPoint increases the number of ports that can be
supported per server, increasing the overall scalability for large-scale
deployments. MeetingPoint provides a scalable solution for Internet service
providers, applications service providers and
telecommunications carriers that want to host real-time, Internet-based video
communications services on the Linux platform.

MeetingPoint v4.0.2 also
provides video communications and scalability for enterprise customers and
for companies in the new business-to-consumer space such as Internet portals
and affiliate sites.

White Pine has increased the number of ports that each server can handle. An
individual MeetingPoint server can now support up to 50 H.323 users (compared
to 25 previously), or up to 200 CU-SeeMe Pro or CU-SeeMe Web users.
MeetingPoint also supports cascading for environments where it is
advantageous to link multiple servers together. Version 4.0.2 with the
increased port counts is available for the Sun Solaris and Windows NT
operating systems as well as Linux.

“With the introduction of CU-SeeMe Web into the business-to-consumer market
early this year, we anticipate an increased demand for MeetingPoint in
large-scale and carrier-based deployments,” said Roger Wallman, senior
product manager for White Pine Software.

“Now that we’ve beefed up the
software to accommodate for larger port counts and released the first Linux
version, we have an even more compelling solution for portals and service
providers that want to host videochat services or provide face-to-face
ecommerce or help desk services to their customers.”

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