Launches Nationwide Branding Effort

Home and real estate information site on Monday launched its
first advertising and branding campaign, with a high-production-values TV
commercial and a series of print ads that highlight the tagline, “There’s
No Place Like Home.”

The commercial, titled “The Quest,” was directed by Joe Pytka, who created
TV branding spots for IBM, Apple, Nike, and Alta Vista.

The 60-second spot features
a caveman searching the wilderness for a new home for his family,
discovering that his “dream cave” is already occupied by another clan. The
commercial is meant to drive home the message that, even in the Internet
age, humans are still motivated by basic needs such as shelter.

“We wanted to take the highest ground possible for by
capitalizing on the basic universal truth that man has and is always
seeking a better place to live,” says Tom Carroll, president for TWBA/Chiat/Day,’s
advertising agency.

The six-week campaign will run beginning this week in the country’s top
media marketing, featuring 30-second and 60-second versions of the ad.
It’ll be supported by print and online advertising.

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