WideVine Cypher Locks Up Streaming

WideVine Technologies, Inc. announced Monday its new WideVine Cypher, a product that provides security for Internet distribution of digital streaming media-with minimal impact to content distributors and consumers.

“Our engineers across the country have been developing the WideVine Cypher for more than 18 months and it has been difficult to keep it secret, given the incredible effects it will have on the streaming media industry,” said John Beyer, CEO of WideVine. “It’s the first viable solution to the security issues facing the growing Internet broadcast industry that seem to be in the news every day.

“WideVine Cypher provides industry-leading security for preventing piracy of streaming media on the Internet,” Beyer said. “At the same time, it’s fully compatible with all major streaming technologies, and is virtually transparent to content providers and end users. It requires no download plug-in and does not degrade performance. We consider it the first truly complete streaming security solution and an important advance in the state of the art.”

Key features of WideVine Cypher include:

  • Compatibility with major streaming technologies, including RealAudio and RealVideo, Windows Media, and QuickTime.
  • Support for industry standards, including TCP/IP, UDP, RTP, and RTSP, virtually guaranteeing compatibility with future streaming technologies.
  • Deployment and integration, with minimal changes to the server cluster and a small but scalable footprint – no extra hardware or software needed on the server.
  • Automatic “thin client” installation on Windows provides end-user transparency and invisible upgrades.
  • End-users see only their familiar media player application or browser plug-in
  • Secure return channel for quality-of-service monitoring, microbilling, and other application-specific uses beyond media control.

“This is only the beginning for WideVine Technologies,” said Brian Baker, President and Co-Founder of WideVine. “Our entire team is focused on developing streaming media technologies that empower content producers and broadcasters to use the Internet to its full potential. Launching our streaming security product is an important milestone for us, and there are many more milestones to come.”

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