With MIRAS Lite, Vehicle Tracking Is Available To All

SPS Technologies Corp. of Ft. Lauderdale, FL introduced MIRAS
Lite, a tracking system that allows anyone with a PC and an Internet
connection to track commercial vehicles or even family members – and
identify their precise GPS location on a detailed street map.

To track vechicles, MIRAS needs to be installed in the car, and
using an Internet connection, the user can then easily follow
selected vehicles. Consumers can zoom in or out of the maps that display
names. It is also possible to calculate the exact speed at which the
vehicle is

The MIRAS service is already available for commercial customers, while the
web browser version of MIRAS Lite is expected later in the summer. The
vendor says the service will be offered in most major metropolitan areas in
United States.

It is expected that the product will retail for about $1,195 for the MIRAS
tracking unit, $195 for the MIRAS Lite Software, and $25 for each county
map. In addition, monthly fees will start at around $7.95 per month,
enabling vehicle positional updates every 30 seconds, for up to 4 hours per
month per vehicle.

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