WSA Forum Talks About the Best

Washington CEO released their “Best Companies to Work For” list in June. was at the Washington Software Association’s breakfast forum yesterday to find out creative ways to put your company at the top of the list.

According to Alfred Lopus, managing consultant for Watson Wyatt WorldWide and co-sponsor of the best companies to work for contest, there are a number of things that hi-tech companies can do to get and retain quality employees.

Through research associated with the results of the survey, Lopus is able to identify a number of characteristics that lead to high levels of employee satisfaction.

At the top of the list was easy access to technologies for communicating across the company.

Tony Naughtin, CEO and President of InterNAP, winner of best medium-sized company to work for, agrees. The CEO notes the importance of providing all employees a real vote at the highest level

Along with having the technology, having an environment in which people are free to voice their opinions openly also can prove very important in employee satisfaction.

Another common attribute of the best companies to work for was valuing diversity of culture, personal styles and ideas.

According to Eben Frankenber, Sr. VP of worldwide Sales and Marketing for Onyx, who placed third in the medium-sized business category, the culture of the company is very important. “There’s no secret, but you need to establish a culture in the company that supports the prescription.”

Maintaining an environment in which the community of employees is passionate about their work, is also essential to overall workforce satisfaction.

Naughtin has his own personal barometer for measuring his own passion for work. The CEO asks “Am I inclined to get out of bed in the morning?” If not, Naughtin questions the true value of it.

Peter Findley, CEO of Cybercamps, winner of the best small company to work for, agrees. “Everyone has to be passionate about what we do.”

Although there is no simple single way to improve employee satisfaction, it is clear that these improvements can benefit a company. “Healthy companies will make wealthy companies,” says Lopus.

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