Xoom.com Buys MightyMail

Web community XOOM.com Inc. Wednesday purchased MightyMail Networks Inc. in a deal it says will give online marketers a new way to sell their products online.

XOOM will pay $25 million in stock for MightyMail, which offers custom-branded e-mail services for online communities. The service also allows companies to offer e-mail solutions and include their logos and other marketing materials in messages.

Chris Kitze, XOOM.com’s chairman and chief executive officer, said MightyMail takes the marketing power of e-mail to a whole new level.

“Not only does MightyMail allow us to continue to organically grow through one-to-one marketing, but it allows us to extend this cost-effective strategy to our partners. Additionally, it provides us with exciting content and merchandising opportunities to further our relationships with leading online brands,” he said.

MightyMail also allows its customers to easily create e-mail ready ads, surveys and other content. It also gives companies a complete report of ad click-throughs and other data.

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