Xypoint Gears Up for a Wireless Summer

Continued growth of its E911 service has prompted Seattle-based Xypoint, a provider of wireless internet applications, to develop new commercial location services that will be available as early as this Summer.

According to president and CEO Ken Arneson, location-relevant content will transform wireless internet applications by simplifying a consumer’s search for information from their mobile phone – whether it is to find the nearest cash machine or to gain information on local events. A main advantage is that consumers will not have to purchase a new phone containing a web browser.

The new service is catching on with site developers , and Xypoint has recently inked some significant partnerships with big players such as Alta Vista and Vicinity Corp. According to the company’s spokesperson Timothy Zenk, wireless consumers will be able to access Alta Vista’s location relevant information in early June.

Website developers, however, can already access Xpoints’ webwirelessnow product that provides real-time info, but is not location-based. The company has set-up a special “Developer’s Zone” on its
webwirelessnow.com site so developers can download the service. To this date, some 200 websites have already downloaded the service.

Xypoint will also be unveiling this Summer its latest voice user interface product. The company is in the beta-testing stages for its wireless email system. The system, which uses the latest voice technology – will allow wireless users to hear their email via their cell phone and to use voice commands to perform such functions as deleting emails . In addition, users will be able to reply to emails by talking into their cell phone. The message will then be received in real audio format.

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