XYZfind Goes Forward with XML Search Engine

Seattle-based XYZFind Corporation today announced the beta release of XYZFind, a search engine specifically designed to search database and XML data with greater precision than any other search technology. A demo and a beta registration form are available at

According to the company’s CEO Tom Marvin, most Web content comes from databases, XML, and other structured data sources, but today’s text-oriented search engines ignore that structure. “When text search engines index the word ‘orange’, they don’t know if it refers to the color of a car or a type of fruit,” says Marvin. “We change all that with a new search index that integrates structure and content.”

The XYZFind search server allows any organization to deploy search across unlimited data categories without custom programming or database administration. XYZFind returns formatted results directly, instead of simply listing URLs for the user to follow. The search forms and results presentation can be customized to match the look and feel of any site.

The beta version of XYZFind is available to content providers, commerce sites, portals and enterprises on Linux and Solaris platforms. According to the company’s spokesperson, a release for Windows NT and Windows 2000 will follow.

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