Yahoo! Entertainment Combines TV, Music and Movies

For those who can’t get enough of the Hollywood happenings, Yahoo! Inc. has consolidated its individual
music, movie and television areas into a comprehensive site, Yahoo Entertainment.

The site is designed to make navigating through entertainment news and
information easier. It is divided into three
sections, with each offering the same content found on the original
individual sites. Features include movie reviews, a soap opera watch and
listings of upcoming album releases.

“By bringing together music, TV coverage, and movies under a single Yahoo!
Entertainment umbrella,
Yahoo! users now have quick and easy access to this comprehensive source of
updated, personalized,
and fun entertainment content all in one location on the Web,” said Erik
Schwartz, senior producer,
Yahoo! Entertainment.

The site can also be personalized to display movie showtimes in a user’s
neighborhood, as well as television listings for primetime network
stations. As with the previous individual entertainment sites, there are
also links to Yahoo’s other interactive areas such as chat rooms, auctions
and message boards.

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