Year 2000 News Available Via E-Mail

Y2K Newswire of Cody, Wyoming is offering daily Y2K news and analysis in a free e-mail alert format.

The service is available from its new Web site, launched this week. Its content will combine news, analysis, and “what if” scenarios of the Y2K problem.

Y2K Newswire will not only summarise the day’s news but will also
contain interviews with both private individuals and government officials.
The publisher says that most organisations in the U.S. are reluctant to
admit that they are behind schedule on Y2K repairs, but anonymous
contributors are keeping the newswire informed.

“Y2K Newswire is the first daily Y2K news delivery service the public can access at no
charge,” said Mike Adams, creator of the Y2K Newswire site. “Interest in the subject is skyrocketing, and our daily news summaries make keeping up with the ballooning Y2K news much

For UK readers, Y2K Newswire will provide a unique insight into how
Y2K issues are being handled on the other side of the Atlantic.

“We provide a vehicle for insiders to tell the public what’s really
going on without risking their jobs,” said Adams. “Our contributors remain anonymous,
and that results in us receiving hardcore Y2K repair status details rather
than public statements prepared by a legal team.”

Daily e-mail alerts from Y2K Newswire will be free until 1st January,
2000. The publisher will generate revenue from the placement of a
three-line advertisement at the bottom of the e-mail alert.

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