ZAZ Unveils New ADSL Services

Terra-affiliated Brazilian ISP ZAZ will launch its own ADSL service in January.

ZAZ Plus Broadband will initially focus its high-speed access service on the home user market, with eventual expansion into the to corporate user sector.

To celebrate this new service, ZAZ prepared an exclusive promotion for the 500 first subscribers.

“The goal of this promotion is to offer Internet users the opportunity of learning the benefits of this new kind of connection,” says Sérgio Pretto, director at ZAZ.

The promotion will be valid for Internet users who subscribe to the service at 256Kbps before December 31, and will offer 51 percent discounts in the monthly price during the first six months of the ZAZ Plus Broadband subscription.

“During this time the subscription price will be only R$ 35,00,” says Pretto. When the promotion is over monthly prices will be risen back to the normal standard, or R$ 68,00 (US$ 34.00).

The great advantages of the ADSL connection are speed and a dedicated connection. Thus the user may use voice and data transmission services simultaneously.

ZAZ is affiliated with Terra”>
(TRRA), Telefónica S.A.’s majority-owned venture which held a spectacular debut on the Nasdaq last week.

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