AdOne Classified Net Offers Six New Services

The newspaper-oriented AdOne Classified Network Inc. rolled out six
new services and programs for affiliates, including content and
traffic-driving programs and one to enhance revenue.

The new initiatives include ListingsPlus and DealerOne for content,
PromotionPlus and Search Engine Registration services for building traffic,
Banner Ad and AdPlacerPlus services for revenue enhancement.

“We are focused on developing innovative new services and programs that
provide affiliates with new revenue streams and greater online presence
through high-value content and brand-building recognition,” said David
Lalich, president and CEO of AdOne. “These new services are prime examples
of our commitment to increase the online value of our affiliates’ Web sites.”

As part of the ListingsPlus program, AdOne is acquiring third-party content
for the AdOne Network and its affiliates. Initial partners include RentNet, a
national apartment rental service, and, the Web site of Abele
Owners’ Network, which serves the online for-sale-by-owner real estate market.
The service is free for affiliates.

DealerOne enables network affiliate newspapers to provide an e-commerce
solution for their auto dealer advertisers.

PromotionPlus provides affiliates with the ability to participate in online
marketing campaigns to drive new traffic. It includes a “Get Rich Click”
Sweepstakes, running through March 15. By working with Yoyodyne and Lycos,
AdOne said it will be promoting the sweepstakes and placing tens of millions
of banner ads on Lycos and the AdOne Network. Spending was not disclosed.

The Search Engine Registration program expands on an existing AdOne
service, where AdOne registers affiliates’ classified sites with the major
search engines. The new service includes more keywords, additional
locations, and market-specific information.

AdOne’s Banner Ad program offers affiliates an opportunity to share in
national banner ad revenue generated by AdOne. AdOne conducts all advertising
solicitation and trafficking. An affiliate simply signs up, and AdOne takes
care of the rest, including tagging affiliate pages to receive the ads and
managing all online advertising placement.

There is no charge for affiliate members. Advertising will come from a
number of sources, including AdOne’s direct advertising sales, national rep
firms, and the DoubleClick Network.

AdPlacer Plus allows Internet users and advertisers to place and pay for
classified advertisements directly on the Internet through an affiliate’s Web
site. Ads will not only appear on the host Web site, but across the entire
AdOne Classified Network. The initial version of AdPlacer is designed for the
real estate market.

Separately, the company introduced a new program capable of delivering
“intent-to-purchase” mode consumers on a local, regional, or national
demographic basis to online advertisers seeking qualified, focused audiences.

“Over the past few weeks, we have met with many of the nation’s top
advertising, direct marketing, and interactive agencies, seeking partners
clients will benefit from the AdOne Network’s unique ability to deliver
‘wallets’ instead of ‘eyeballs,” said Lalich.

“These agencies are very interested in reaching a more focused, targetable
audience, just the types of consumers the AdOne Network can deliver. We
expect to make additional announcements in this area over the next several

AdOne also said it added 150 new affiliate newspapers in the last three
months, with a combined total circulation of more than 2.9 million, including
the Columbus Dispatch of Ohio, the San Francisco
, and the Washington Times.

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