ADSmart Network, Engage Technologies Form Partnership

ADSmart Network and fellow CMG Internet Group Company Engage Technologies formed
a partnership to bolster targeting for online advertisers and direct

Under the new relationship, Engage Technologies’ suite of profiling tools, in
combination with ADSmart’s context-sensitive targeting expertise, will
provide advertisers with demographic and behavioral data about Web site

ADSmart’s network includes more than 90 sites and claims nine million unique
viewers each month. Engage Technologies’ interactive marketing tools and
services deliver real-time access to knowledge about the interests and
usage patterns of site visitors to high-volume Web sites.

A key component of the newly combined capabilities, called “first-time
relevance,” allows participating sites to serve pertinent advertising or
commerce content even to a first-time visitor, based on that visitor’s larger
Web experience within the “Engage-Enabled” community. Using the Engage
Technologies’ behavior-based, anonymous profiles, an historic and multi-site
view of each user’s interests and experiences is built up over time.

Some of the Web’s most trafficked sites are currently “Engage-Enabled,” the
company said, including Lycos and Planet Direct. When combined with the users
of sites within the ADSmart Network, advertisers will have access to a
marketing database that will soon rise to 10 million Internet users or more,
the companies said.

In the near future, ADSmart said, it will provide audience selection based on
the individual profile of a unique viewer, so that advertisers can select
exactly the profiles of their desired audience.

“This is a crucial next step in delivering the type of behavioral data
national advertisers have come to expect from the traditional print and
broadcast mediums,” said Neil Versen, vice president of sales and marketing
for Andover, MA-based ADSmart.

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