Agents Technologies Joins DoubleClick Network

Agents Technologies Corp. in Quebec, a
developer of search agent technologies and solutions, recently joined the DoubleClick Network.

Agents said it wants to bring targeted advertising capabilities to Copernic 98
version 2.5, an intelligent search agent that now includes banner ads appearing in the top pane of the software while searches are being conducted.

Copernic 98 is client-based software designed to display banner advertisements
in partnership with DoubleClick, allowing advertisers to buy keywords to
target consumers. The software is able to recognize words and phrases in order
to display an ad that corresponds to the search.

“Copernic technology defines a new level of quality for demographic-based
advertising. This partnership with DoubleClick brings a new privileged way for
advertisers to reach their audiences. We have qualified demographic data on
the subscribed users of Copernic,” said Martin Bouchard, president of Agents
Technologies. “The ads shown to users are targeted based upon demographic and
geographic data and the information users are searching for.”

The free Copernic 98 will display integrated banner ads, while the user can
choose to enable this feature in the professional version, Copernic 98plus
(30-day trial, $29.95) . The two products are available for download at and at various partner

Copernic 98 carries out user’s searches by simultaneously consulting many Internet search engines and directories such as AltaVista, Excite, HotBot, Infoseek, Lycos and Yahoo. As it searches, the agent is intended to eliminate the repetition of results found on multiple engines. It scores each match, as a percentage or graphically, for relevancy and timeliness.

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