Compaq Sponsors Total College Sports Network NCAA Cybercasts

The Total College Sports
(TCSN) said Compaq Computer
signed a three-year deal to be a sponsor of the online cybercasts
of various NCAA Division I Men’s and Women’s Championships.

Coverage includes basketball, baseball, soccer, lacrosse, and volleyball.
Spending was not disclosed.

Compaq banner ads will appear atop the statistics section of the official
NCAA men’s and women’s basketball tournament site Compaq will be “the
official computer” of TCSN and all its cybercasts, and TCSN teams will
input their coverage of the games onto Compaq notebook computers.

The Total College Sports Network (TCSN), which has sent more than 400
sporting events over the Internet in the past two years, said it set a
company record for online traffic at a single site this past weekend,
attracting 25,706,144 page views to

“Using the internet to leverage our corporate partnership provides an
opportunity to capture the excitement of the NCAA Championships while
continuing to support our commitment to both college athletics and
education,” said Pam Coltharp, Compaq’s manager of sponsorship and sports

Raleigh, NC-based TCSN cybercasts include live, online coverage of a sporting
event that incorporates charts, photos, audio, individual and team
statistics, and play-by-play summaries.

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