Cyberian Outpost, Roxy Systems Using Webstakes’ E-Mail Service

Internet computer marketer Cyberian Outpost and consumer electronics
company Roxy Systems have signed up with Webstakes in New York City to use its new
opt-in e-mail service, DirecToMe.

The retailers are using Webstakes’ new system to distribute offers and
branding messages to targeted audiences on the Web via e-mail. Financial
arrangements were not disclosed.

Currently, Webstakes’ interactive, promotion-based site deploys
more than 700,000 DirecToMe messages each month for advertisers who use the
tool to sell or test new products, find new buyers, build customer loyalty or
maintain customer relationships., which claims more than one
million members, is a provider of targeted consumers for online advertisers
through Internet sweepstakes and sponsorships

“DirecToMe is a powerful solution for directly linking targeted consumers with
brand-name products. The tool goes a step beyond typical e-mail programs
because it only sends e-mail to consumers who opt-in for a particular message
or offer, ensuring the highest levels of campaign performance,” said Steven H.
Krein, president and co-founder of Webstakes.

Target recipients are selected through specific “member” profiles, rather than
assumed behaviors gathered via demographics or other generic means. And it
automatically drives e-mail promotions to individuals based upon their answers
to specific questions about products or services for which they have already
shown a preference.

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