DoubleClick Gets Local — Internationally

In an effort to offer clients the ability to conduct city-specific
campaigns in international markets, ad services firm DoubleClick Inc. on Tuesday launched its
“DoubleClick Local” service outside the United States for the first time.

The DoubleClick (DCLK) system, which figures out where people are from by
looking at their telephone area code, will allow advertisers to target
campaigns to Internet users in specific cities, like Milan, Paris, Madrid,
Tokyo or Stockholm.

“DoubleClick Local allows local advertisers to eliminate waste associated
with broader geographical targeting,” said Barry Salzman, president of
DoubleClick International.

“In addition to advertising on local content, DoubleClick Local will allow
advertisers to reach users in specific international cities or regions by
using DART’s superior targeting capabilities. This provides advertisers
with reach and the flexibility to target by city, state or region with one

Jupiter Communications predicts that
global online local advertising will reach $1.8 billion by 2002, according
to DoubleClick.

The ad company said the local service would be available globally, in 29 countries.

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