DoubleClick, RealNetworks Ink Ad Sales Deal

Advertising services and technology firm DoubleClick Inc. and streaming media
company RealNetworks Inc. on Thursday
linked up in 16 countries, in a deal under which DoubleClick will sell
advertising across the network.

DoubleClick already provides its DART technology for
RealNetworks in the US, and this deal expands the two
companies’ relationships to sales and sponsorships outside the US.

The ad company’s sales force will work with advertisers in Europe, the Far
East, Central and South America.

“With the remarkable growth of our international traffic and the
proliferation of popular RealGuides in local languages, we are excited to
have a partner who can do an effective job of connecting advertisers to our
growing audience base,” said Shelley Morrison, RealNetworks’ vice president
of media and distribution sales.

DoubleClick’s international clients include Alta Vista, MacroMedia, EDGAR Online, Sega Europe, MTV Europe, Wired Japan and CNET Japan.
Because they all are connected to DoubleClick’s main technology platform,
advertisers can execute a global buy in one place.

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