Dutch Company Unveils Geo-Targeting Tool

Netherlands-based Web company RealMapping
announced Friday that it has launched a new product, which may make it
possible to target marketing messages based on a Web site visitor’s
location — including country of origin and language.

RealMapping says its two new products, RealMapping Language and
RealMapping, are based on its international database that matches IP
addresses with location. The company claims it has an accuracy rate of over
97.5 percent.

According to RealMapping, the IP database technology allows Internet
marketers to determine the country or area from which the Web site visitors
originate, the language they speak, and also whether they are students or
employed at a particular company.

The company says the new technology will give online marketers the ability
customize language, content, and products in real-time.

“Internet users and potential clients are being approached through Internet
in the same neutral fashion and language, while our solution allows visitors
to be addressed in their own language,” said Mark van der Linden, chief
commercial officer of RealMapping.

Moreover, van der Linden said, the content can be adjusted to display
specific information aimed at the visitor’s country of origin.

Englishman and an American speak the same language. However, the Englishman
wants to see prices in pounds and the American in dollars,” he said.

If there are any legal restrictions in a given country, RealMapping said it
is able to create restricted access to certain Web sites, pages or messages
for people from that particular country.

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