Electronic Buying Guides Offered to Newspapers

Universal New Media and Journal Square Interactive teamed up to
offer e-commerce buying guides aimed at delivering qualified customers to
local advertisers at online newspapers.

Journal Square Interactive, a division of Advance Internet Inc., developed the
content for an interactive gift-buying feature and a computer-purchasing
package. Universal New Media, the interactive division of
Andrews McMeel Universal (AMU), is marketing and selling
the features.

“Your Gift Guide,” is a year-round gift-buying feature providing holiday
content for online newspapers as well as every day content for birthdays and
anniversaries. The holiday package provides online newspapers’ readers with
gift ideas for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. The
feature is built around an interactive gift-idea generator and an e-mail
reminder service.

Each newspaper purchaser of the feature uses a customized version of the Gift
Guide, branded with its own look and designed to showcase local advertisers. A
demo of the site will be available soon at www.uclick.com/demo/giftguide.

The second feature is Computer Buying Guide, an interactive questionnaire
matching the needs of shoppers with a print-out of recommended computer
components. The feature is also customized with each purchaser’s branding and
advertising. The can be viewed at Michigan Live. The Computer Buying Guide demo
on Michigan Live can be accessed here.

Journal Square Interactive is the site development and content syndication arm
of Advance Internet. Its premier product is Rain or Shine Weather service, which is
syndicated to more than 100 affiliates.

Advance Internet Inc. is a subsidiary of Advance Publications Inc., owner of
newspapers in 22 cities as well as Conde Nast magazines; CondeNet; Parade; and

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