Financial Intranet Launches Ad Campaign

Financial Intranet Inc. launched an
program on Netscape and Standard & Poor’s ComStock.

The company also upgraded its Web site, adding FNTN Connections–a chat room
and message board area. Spending on the ad campaign was not disclosed.

“Financial Intranet is launching its advertising program with Internet and
financial brands such as Netscape Communications Corp. and Standard & Poor’s
ComStock. We are excited that the launch of our advertising program has drawn
the attention of some of the best sites on the Web,” said Michael Sheppard,
president and chief operating officer of Financial Intranet.

“Although FNTN’s public Web site is not our primary business focus, we are
very pleased with the recent dramatic increase in traffic to In
light of the growing interest in our site, we plan to aggressively add more
content and consumer products and services for our expanding group of users,”
he said.

FNTN Connections is a community for broker/dealers and individual investors.
Features include chats with industry professionals.

Financial Intranet Inc. has established a proprietary, secured, on-demand data
and video financial information network that links the brokerage and mutual
fund industries together and connects both to the individual investor.

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