Fox Sports Online Launches Broadcast TV Campaign

Fox Sports Online launched a TV ad
campaign consisting of 30-second spots depicting FSO fans going to extremes
for their favorite sports site.

The commercials, which will run nationally, were created by Cliff Freeman and
Partners, an agency that won the Grand Clio for FOX’s NHL spots last year.

“The battle among sports sites is heating up and Fox Sports Online is
aggressively pursuing the No. 1 slot,” said Matt Jacobson, executive vice
president of parent company News America Digital Publishing. “This cutting-
edge broadcast campaign reflects the attitude and style pioneered by FOX
Sports and leverages the powerful FOX Sports brand into the Internet.”

The three spots include “Feet,” “Old Man” and “Kids.” The humorous spot titled
“Feet,” was to be unveiled Sunday during the NFL game on FOX. The commercial
depicts a man who finds Fox Sports Online so engaging that he acquires special
skills enabling him to surf the site while attending to his child. All three
commercials will be rolled-out over a period of time on both FOX and FOX
Sports Net.

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