IPVoice.com Initiates National Ad Campaign for Calling Cards

IPVoice.com, Inc. said Thursday that
the company will begin a print advertisement campaign to coincide with the
launch of several IPVoice.com calling cards.

Spending for the campaign wasn’t disclosed.

The ads will appear in USA Today starting this month and additional
ads will appear in Business International this September. The USA
ads will help penetrate the market domestically while the ads in
Business International will allow greater access to the European

The advertisements will promote IPVoice calling card products — Flat25
Calling Card, Flat5 Calling Card and IPVoice International Calling Card.
Customers are able to access the network from both Canada and the United
States. Along with a description of the calling cards, the ads will give
examples of rates the public can expect to pay. In addition, IPVoice will
also unveil a new customer service number for consumers to call when
ordering the cards.

“Not everyone has access to the Internet, so this gives us a chance to reach
a much wider audience in the United States and Canada, as well as the
international market,” says Michael Scott, vice president of sales and
marketing for IPVoice.

For IPVoice, this is just the start. Upon assessment of the success of
these ads, IPVoice will begin a national advertising campaign as other
products are ready to launch. This campaign will eventually culminate in the
announcement of the launch of the Flat25 Residential Calling Plan. The
Flat25 allows customers to make unlimited long distance phone calls over the
Internet through IPVoice’s gateways for a flat fee of $25 a month without
having to own a computer. Such a calling plan would add momentum to
IPVoice’s phoning products TrueConnect and SuperConnect, which allow users
to conduct real-time, two-way voice communication over the Internet.

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