MatchLogic Launches Opt-In E-Mail Marketing Service

Online marketing services company MatchLogic Inc.
launched DeliverE, a new marketing service that delivers sales and branding
messages to pre-qualified, receptive opt-in e-mail audiences.

MatchLogic said DeliverE turns direct marketing into a participatory process
in which the consumer plays an active and consensual role. Detailed
demographic, lifestyle and purchase intent data is provided voluntarily by
users who participate in MatchLogic-sponsored sweepstakes, contests, and

With each DeliverE promotion, the user can update e-mail preferences and
interests by using the DeliverE URL link. As a further precaution against
user message overload, the DeliverE service manages e-mail frequency.

Designed as a turn-key solution for e-mail campaign management and execution,
DeliverE’s services include identifying target audiences, integrating e-mail
content, graphics and URLs, delivering the e-mail and monitoring every aspect
of campaign performance, the company said.

MatchLogic said its “closed loop” campaign reporting capabilities include the
tracking of e-mail successfully delivered, response to a single or to
multiple calls-to-action, campaign cost per response and per consummated
sale. Performance metrics are available real-time in a secured online

“Publishers and other direct marketers are looking closely at e-mail as an
important new channel in the direct marketing mix,” said Ed Fones, vice
president and general manager of Men’s Health magazine, which is
testing DeliverE for subscription offers. “DeliverE was put together by
people who really understand the direct marketing business, and applied
their direct marketing expertise to list selection, modeling, execution,
tracking and analysis.”

MatchLogic, founded in 1996, offers integrated solutions that allow
advertisers and agencies to orchestrate complex, integrated Internet
advertising efforts. The company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Excite Inc.

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