Millward Brown Interactive Launches Profile Service

Millward Brown Interactive
launched VOYAGER Profile, a service that lets marketers determine precisely
who has been exposed to their online advertising messages.

VOYAGER Profile is designed to enable marketers to obtain profile exposure
information by
more than 60 key variables, including age, income, location of Web access,
product consumption and media usage.

Six companies have already signed on to participate in the new service,
which will provide their constituents with detailed information about
specific customers. They include AdForce, AdKnowledge, DoubleClick, E! Online,
Engage Technologies and J. Walter Thompson.

“What has kept many advertisers on the sidelines so far is the lack of
accountability,” said Alan White, director of interactive strategy for J.
Walter Thompson. “How do you explain to a client that you’re not sure
whether or
not their online communications reached the intended target? VOYAGER Profile
changes everything. With it, I can determine who saw my client’s ad, calculate
the message and campaign reach, and report with confidence that the
communications reached the desired market.”

VOYAGER Profile works by linking the ads served from client companies with the
detailed demographic, attitudinal, product, and other Web-centric measures
that Millward Brown Interactive captures from Web users who are recruited for
its national online panel. Millward Brown Interactive has been amassing one of
the largest Web panels since late 1996. To date, using Random Digit Dial (RDD)
telephone methodology, the company has conducted over 2 million phone
interviews to identify online users and recruit panelists.

“Knowing who is exposed (to the ad) is fundamental to any advertising
campaign,” said Michael Tanne, vice president of U.S. business development
at AdForce. “Marketers have specific reach goals and they want assurance
that the
message is being communicated to the right target. Our clients, which include
Left Field, Modem Media . Poppe Tyson and Netscape, are extremely excited
about the VOYAGER Profile service.”

VOYAGER Profile can be coupled with other Millward Brown Interactive services,
such as its WebATP (Web Advanced Tracking Program) to provide marketers with
continuous feedback on how their online communications affect consumer
attitudes and perceptions toward their brands.

A demo of VOYAGER is available here. Pricing details were not

Millward Brown Interactive, a division of WPP Group’s Millward Brown
International, combines traditional research methodologies with techniques
designed specifically for the online environment.

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