New Spam Site is, ah, Food for Thought

And now,, brought to you by those staunch
fighters against unsolicited e-. . . er, wait just a second. Brought to you by


That’s right, the company that makes the real Spam, the meat food product with
a capital “S.”

For years the company stood by as Internet users turned its Spam brand name
into a derisive label for unwanted junk e-mail. But now the Hormel Foods Corp.
is looking to the Web as way to enhance the brand’s image, according to a New York Times report.

Hormel recently launched the official Spam Web site. Company officials said
they reserved the domain years ago, along with, and others.

In the past, the Times said, Hormel was defensive about Spam’s pejorative use,
and the company even attempted last year to stop Sanford Wallace, the self-
proclaimed king of unsolicited commercial e-mail, from using the word “spam”
to promote his business. But if you can’t fight ’em, maybe the best strategy
is to promote ’em.

At the new Web site, Hormel offers an official Spam fan club and sells a line
of Spam-logo clothing that includes boxer shorts and baseball caps. There’s
also a Spam history that starts with the product’s debut in 1937.

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