Paralogic Brings Java Ads to Chat Server Technology

Fremont, CA-based Paralogic Corp., a supplier
of chat solutions for the Web, delivered ParAde, a new Java ad delivery and
managing system, to the ParaChat 2.0 chat server software.

The new module is optimized for the delivery of Java advertisements, since the
Java security model limits applets to retrieving ads from the same server from
where they were downloaded. ParAde is designed to collect advertisements from
an ad supplier and deliver them to Java clients, allowing a network of servers
to automatically update themselves and deliver the most recent collection of
ads on the Internet, the company said.

Whereas most ad delivery software is designed to be centralized from a single
server, the ParAde system is constructed as a tree-structured network of ad
servers. Because the server is designed to distribute ads into the ParaChat
network of more than 100,000 licensee sites, all changes made to the master
server automatically trickle down to the slave servers.

Meanwhile, clickthrough statistics and other comprehensive data are sent back
to the ParaChat master server for centralized monitoring and control of the ad
delivery process, the company said. If a network connection is lost between
servers, the software queues data and resynchronizes when the connection

ParAde includes a programmer API to allow other ad suppliers to integrate and
deliver ads efficiently into a ParAde-driven chat network. Paralogic has also
partnered with ad networks such as ValueClick, Flycast and Petry Interactive
Network to develop interfaces into their proprietary ad servers.

Pricing for a ParaChat 2.0 server license is based on the number of
simultaneous users and starts at $6,450 for a 1,000-user license.

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