Technology Horizons Acquires 74% Stake in CDKnet Subsidiary

Technology Horizons Corp. in Garden City, NY said it increased its stake
in its subsidiary, CDKnet, up to 74% in an exchange for stock in the
company, which is developing a multimedia technology for marketers and

The transaction represents a major step in consolidating the CDKnet subsidiary
under the umbrella of Technology Horizons, the company said.

CDKnet has been experiencing significant demand for its proprietary CDK
technology in the marketing of consumer products and financial services.

Technology Horizons said the CDK technology combines Internet browser
functionality, audio, and full screen, full motion video in one platform that
has broad application for the multimedia marketing , advertising and promotion
areas, especially in the music and entertainment industry and music industry
special projects business.

Steven A. Horowitz, president and CEO of Technology Horizons said that “CDKnet
is seeing tremendous interest in its technologies and has entered into a
contract with a major consumer services company. The contract provides for the
production of a substantial number of disks which provide an integrated
multimedia package with links to the various services of the company.

believe that this is only the beginning of the demand for the CDK technology
and exemplifies its broad application as an Internet, multimedia marketing
tool; in this case for the financial services industry.”

CDKnet said it has already entered into licensing agreements with
entertainment companies such as Sony Music, MCI, NAXOS, Sandals Resorts, The
New York Yankees, Madison Square Garden (New York Knicks), Trimark Home Video,
Weight Watchers, MTV Networks, EMI-Capitol Entertainment Properties( E-Prop),
Wind-Up Entertainment, King Biscuit, and BMG Special Markets for its
proprietary CDK and PC Game Player technologies and is engaged in discussions
with film studios, recording labels, recording artists, broadcast networks and
Internet access providers.

CDKnet’s proprietary Web site Metrotainment provides a vehicle for
viewer entertainment via games, streaming of audio and video footage, on-demand online viewing of movies and videos, and online sales of music CDs and
promotional items at the CDKnet CD-Express.

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