US Interactive Launches Site for AFS

Automated Financial Systems Inc.(AFS ), a provider of lending and cash management solutions to the financial services industry, launched a new Web site, assisted by US Interactive.

“We have selected US Interactive to implement the first phase of our interactive initiatives,” said John Shain, president of AFS. “Building on the success of the AFS Vision for Creative Banking, we are offering yet another way to take advantage of our comprehensive resources.” Billings were not disclosed.

“Our goal for the first phase of our work for AFS is to educate both clients
and prospective clients about the AFS Vision and its unique capabilities,”
said Richard Masterson, president and chief operating officer of US
Interactive. “Future phases of the project will provide customer service for
AFS customers and eventually access to AFS products through the Internet. It
is our hope that these interactive initiatives will dramatically change and
enhance AFS’ business practices, and in turn, the banking industry.”

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